Me, working nights, it’s consequences, and what I am doing with it.

Two days ago, I restarted my workout routine. I have been feeling sluggish recently due to working nights. My body is not used to it. What’s worse is that my mind is conditioned that working nights is bad for health, and I had difficulty convincing myself that I will be alright.

Anyway, let me just say that I gained 10 pounds within 2 months of working nights. I went from 115 pounds to 125 pounds which is not acceptable at all! At least not within 2 months! Good Lord. Being awake at night made me want to eat. Whenever I get off work, I would be hungry, then I’ll eat, then I’ll go sleep. Then I would wake up after 4 hours and try to sleep again. Then I would have difficulty sleeping again. I would just be awake in bed, tired, sleepy and lazy. No energy. And what’s worse? I’ll be hungry and would be eating! Anybody felt this way before? I’m sure some of you can relate.

This routine is totally against my health principles. I suffered the consequences of night shift. It was and still is very challenging. I would say that this is the perfect time to find a mentor, motivator, friend, workout buddy, or anybody that can help you not get frustrated with night shift and it’s health consequences.

So, with that being said, let me share with you all what I’ve been doing recently. Like what I said in the beginning, I restarted my workout routine and I am quite sore right now. I started using this product called Sweet Sweat, which definitely helps me sweat while working out. I’m using my 15 lb and 20 lb kettle bells. I’ll be posting before and after photo of myself in the future. My goal is to replace the belly fat and thigh fat that I accumulated while working nights, with toned muscles.


I can’t really say much about this product yet since I just started using it, but based on my two days of using it, I am sweating like crazy while working out. I know part of it is placebo which is great. It definitely helps my mind think that this is working. Even though it is too early to say, I already know that this product is going to help me. I can already see myself with my toned body and ready for the beach 🙂  I’ll be posting my pictures soon. Not necessarily a before and after pics since I didn’t take pictures of myself before I restarted this workout routine. Just the after. And just to let you know, I don’t really have a toned body. I was 115 pounds but not toned.

I have also been listening to brain wave binaural beats which is a great way to get into deep sleep state and wake up refreshed. I’ll talk about this in another post.Then I also started reading a lot. I read before I sleep, which helps me get really really sleepy in the morning. Journaling helps as well. Meditation is also great in terms of conditioning my mind into accepting the fact that I am working nights and it is what it is. Accept it and don’t fall victim. Meditation is definitely a great tool.  This is something I have been doing more and more which helps a lot.

Anyway friends, that’s all for now. I’ll be back soon 🙂


Love you all!