Love yourself…

Everyone knows that we ought to be good to each other. But all of us also knows that not everybody practices that. Everything that I will say on this post has already been said many many times before, but I feel the need to say it again. I feel like someone somewhere needs to hear this message again. So here it is.

Be good to everybody. That includes yourself. Forgive those who violated you, so you can also forgive yourself. Forgive them not for their sake, but for your sake. Forgive them for your own healing. It’s okay. You are okay. Everything will turn out just fine.

Nowadays, I see a lot of mean people. The younger generations are surprisingly disrespectful. I see a lot of selfishness and greed. I often ask myself how come they don’t appreciate what they have? Where did this feeling of entitlement came from? How did it started in the first place?

Every time I see someone being mean to somebody, I automatically feel bad for the aggressor, not the victim. What kind of hatred does this person have for him or her to behave that way towards the other person? I feel bad for that person. You see, being mean to somebody is a manifestation of your own inequity. It tells me that you are unhappy. It shows lack of love and peace in your life. It tells me that deep inside you, you don’t like yourself.

Someone may say I’m wrong. It’s okay. I have been wrong many times. But if someone is to really analyze their life and the reasoning behind their behavior, they will find that what I said is true. Your actions say a lot about you. And like what I have said, this have been said many times before. I am just merely repeating it.

Truth hurts. It is only when you accept it that you start to heal. When you start to heal, the pain goes away. And you will have peace within yourself. And then it’s the start of a new beginning. The beginning of a new you.

So, love yourself. Have a good intention. Having a good intention is very very healthy. It takes away stress. When you don’t have stress, your health starts to turn around. Your outlook in life changes in a positive way. You will feel better. Your life will be better.

Ask yourself on a daily basis, who can I help today? It could be anybody. It could even be yourself. And it doesn’t have to be a grandiose act. It’s actually the simplest things. Every single small act of kindness makes a huge difference and we just don’t realize that. Just imagine what will happen when you accumulate a lot of small simple good deeds. It’s going to be great.

If you are feeling down because life sometimes can be challenging sometimes, it’s okay. If you need to cry, cry it out loud. Don’t stop it. Let the tears flow freely. I strongly believe that when you cry, you are releasing the emotional toxins in your body. So, go ahead and free yourself of those emotional toxins. It’s going to be okay. But here’s the key, do not dwell on it. Once you release it, that’s it. Don’t ever dwell on that emotion. Release it all so you can move on. Forgive and continue to love no matter what.

Love yourself. If you do, it will show. Then you will attract love.

Be kind and giving. Giving is so much more rewarding than receiving. When you give without the intention of receiving anything in return, that is when it feels good. You will feel great. It’s actually addicting. You might say you don’t have much to give. It’s okay. Giving doesn’t always have to be a material things. It could be a simple act of extending your help to a coworker, a friend, or even a stranger.

It is okay to receive as well. But receive with gratitude and appreciation. Not with selfishness or with feeling of entitlement. That’s all for now.


Much love,




Just love yourself…

I’m pretty sure that everyone of us heard that we need to love ourselves, but often times, it’s quite difficult for most of us. A lot of us are not happy with ourselves. We are not happy with our bodies. We don’t like our shapes. We hate our pains and sufferings. We are not content with our lives. There’s always something about us that we don’t like. This is pretty common nowadays. Some of you would disagree with me, and say that you are pretty happy and content,  and that’s great. I’m happy for you. In fact, I wish everyone would be like you and me who are happy with our lives.

For those of you who agree with me about not being happy and not being content with ourselves, I have a very simple message for you and this is very important. I need you to start loving yourself right now. Let me explain why.

As a healthcare provider (or more like a sick-care provider), I see a lot of people who are suffering with different kinds of health conditions. I see people taking so many medicines it blows my mind. I see people who has tubes in their belly, who can’t talk, who gets insulin shots all the time, who can’t have a natural bowel movements, who has wounds, who can’t walk, who are totally dependent on others, etc. It’s very very pitiful. It breaks my heart to see people suffer like this. This is not how life is supposed to be lived. This is not life at all.

Seeing people suffer like this makes me appreciate my life even more. Even though I am not happy that they are suffering, I am grateful that they are teaching me a lesson. I need to love myself and take care of myself. I need to appreciate my health and my body because I don’t have what they have. I don’t plan on having what they have. I plan on taking great care of my body and treating it with love and respect.

Someone might ask, how do we exactly love and respect our body? It sounds simple but it’s complicated and hard to do sometimes. When I say we need to love and respect our body, I mean that we need to accept it for what it is. Do you think you’re overweight? So what? You need to love those “love handles” that you have because if you don’t, who will? Right?

Do you think you’re not attractive? Who says that? Let me tell  you my own toxic belief about myself. When I was in the Philippines, I never thought I was attractive because I always heard that I was ugly. As a result, I suffered from low self-esteem and inferiority complex. I hated myself. I always wanted something that other people have because I thought that I wasn’t good enough.

Well guess what? I was totally wrong. I am pretty damn gorgeous! And I love myself and I love my body now! I love everything about me. And I know it sounds so narcissistic but this is true. I am not going to apologize about this at all. I am gorgeous and I will say it again. I am gorgeous. I’m not repeating this over and over for it to become my truth. It is the truth. I truly believe it now. Sometimes when you think you are ugly, you just have to move to a different country to where you would look exotic. Thank God I did.

I love my body. I love how it looks. I love my complexion. I love me. And I will continue to respect my body by listening to it. I will continue to respect my body by giving it what it needs. I will continue to nourish my body by giving it the right food, the kind that I enjoy. I will continue to nourish it by giving it enough sleep. I will continue to nourish my body by doing the exercise and movements that I enjoy. I will continue to listen to music and dance and sing.

I thank my body for constantly wanting to heal myself even though I sometimes neglect it. I thank my body for always sending signals and messages to me whenever I over exert myself. I thank my body for giving me signs that I am stressing out and I need to stop. I thank my body for withholding my energy because I already worked so hard. I thank my body for telling me to stop and rest.

It is also very important that we forgive ourselves. Forgiveness is very healing, not just to your emotional and mental health, but also to your physical body. So, forgive yourself if you are not able to accomplish everything in your to-do list. In fact, throw away that toxic to-do list. It only creates stress to yourself. Yes, it helps organize things sometimes. But nowadays, we tend to put too many things on our to-do list that it becomes a burden. It’s toxic and not healthy.

Forgive yourself for hating yourself. This is very important. Once you accomplish this, healing will start. Look at yourself in the mirror and apologize to yourself. Apologize to yourself for not appreciating yourself, for over working yourself, for not listening to it’s cues and messages. It’s even okay to hug yourself. Let go of the hate and negative feelings that you are keeping in your body no matter what it is. Your body don’t need it. You don’t want it.

Start loving yourself in anyway you can. It’s a game changer. Love yourself for you to radiate love.

I love myself and all of you.