Weight loss…

I feel like I need to write an article about this because everywhere I go, I always hear comments about my weight. At this point in my life, no one would think that I used to be overweight. Well, I have to admit, I got pregnant and that was my excuse. I was eating for two adults because of the very common belief that when you are pregnant, you have to eat for 2 people.

Whoever spread that belief, they are totally wrong! It’s not healthy for the mother and for the baby. When you are pregnant, you need to eat a few more high quality nutrient dense foods. You don’t have to eat for two adults with every meal. Now, why do I keep saying two adults? Because in my mind, when they say “eat for two people,” I didn’t think that I need to eat for me and a tiny little baby. I thought I needed to eat for me and another me.

When I first heard about eating for 2 people, my gut feeling told me it doesn’t make sense. But I didn’t question it. All I heard from the doctor was that I can eat basically whatever I want, however much I want. And I was excited about it because I can finally satisfy my food cravings. I finally have an excuse to eat and not be guilty about it. I was also thinking it’ll be help the growing baby in my body.

During my pregnancy, I developed gestational diabetes. I was at risk for having a big baby so therefore, we had to do a scheduled c-section. I thought that all the weight I was carrying was just the baby and will go away once I deliver him. To my dismay, he was only 6 lbs 14 oz. All the weight was mine. Isn’t that frustrating?

I also thought that after I had the baby, all the weight will go away naturally. Not true. I heard that breastfeeding can help you lose weight so I breastfed to 2.5 years. Breastfeeding did help some, but not much.

At that point in my life, I just had to tell myself that this is what a mother should look like therefore, I need to just accept it and stop worrying about it. But I was depressed. I didn’t like how that person looked  every time I look in the mirror. I didn’t like the back pain and knee pain I was experiencing due to having excess weight. Something has got to change.

I started skipping meals and starving myself. Only to binge eat in the next few hours. I tried exercising which didn’t work. I tried drinking lots of water and I couldn’t stand it because I would get so weak and had tremors. I was lost and didn’t know what to do.

I later learned about how eating nutritious foods and eliminating bad foods can positively influence your weight. So I did studied it and followed it. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables. I eliminated fats, salt, bread and rice. And I finally started seeing results. I was eating lots of salads and drinking lots of green smoothies and was losing 1 to 1.5 lbs every day. Within 3 months, I lost a bunch of weight and was happy about it.

But I was also depressed at the same time. Why is that? Because the food I was eating was actually too bland for me. I wasn’t enjoying it. I was just eating it because I want to lose weight. And I like salt and savory food therefore it was very challenging for me. I would question myself out of frustration. Why am I doing this? Then, I would have episodes of binge eating and I would resolve to starving myself again because I was so scared I would gain the weight back.

I became obsessed and scared of gaining weight. I would weigh myself once a day everyday. It would frustrate me to see that I gained a pound or two from the food I have eaten the previous day. In short, I was imprisoned by my own toxic belief that I have to look a certain way or weigh a certain pounds for me to be acceptable to others.

During my journey to health, I learned so many valuable things about how to become healthy and immune to diseases. I tried different things that makes me keep the weight off. And I must warn you that some nutritional beliefs out there can be very confusing and contradicting. I changed from one eating lifestyle to another as I was learning. Until I found the missing link, the very thing that made sense to me. The final thing that shed another 15 lbs that was holding on to me. And now, no matter how much I eat, I don’t gain weight. I stay happy and stress-free.

I know you want to find out how I did it and I am very much willing to share it. The only thing is I can only help you if want to help yourself. So, for those of you who are ready for a change, I am here for you. All you have to do is contact me, leave me a comment, or email me at contact@healthnutdiva.live and we can set up a free consultation. Thank you and have a great day.


Much love,




By the way, this is what I used to look like.



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