The benefits of being happy…


Some people may not know it but there are a lot of benefits of being happy. Some people may think that this is non-scientific, therefore not important or not true. Regardless whether it’s scientific or not, we cannot deny that just being happy is already beneficial. When you’re happy, you feel good, right?

When you are happy, it influences your mood and your decision making. Most of the time, you make the right decision when you are in a good mood. Obviously, you are not stressed when you are happy. Therefore, your cortisol level goes low. And when your cortisol level is low, you don’t hold on to fat.

I truly believe that stress is a killer. Of course, everybody knows this. When you’re stressed, you gain weight, you look old, you feel old, your immune system goes down, you get sick, your skin breaks out, you feel ugly. Let’s face it, it’s true. I know all these because I have been there. I had sleepless nights because I couldn’t stop worrying about things. I was unhappy. I was depressed. And I had to make a decision.

So, I decided with the help from my mentor, to eliminate what was causing my stress. That was my job. So I quit my job. And guess what? I instantly felt that something really heavy have been lifted off of my shoulder. I instantly felt great. I was relieved. I started being happy. I let go and told myself not to feel guilty about that decision.

What I learned from that experience is that I just need to prioritize my happiness and my family. My happiness and my family is much more important that a job that is available. I learned through meditation that I am good enough, therefore, I deserve something better than that job that I let go. I will no longer settle for anything less. I deserve great things in life because I know I contribute good things. And yes I say this with full conviction 🙂 I trust God. I trust life. I will be alright.

You see, when you are happy, you sleep better. When you sleep better, your mind becomes sharper and clearer, helping you make good decisions. When you are happy, everything feels okay. And when you feel good about yourself, you become attractive to others, and believe it or not, to opportunities as well. I don’t understand how it happens, but there’s something about being positive that creates a positive environment for you. Either way, it’s all good. I am not going to question it. I am just going to enjoy it.

So, be happy. Smile even when it’s hard. Believe me, it helps. Start by appreciating what you have no matter how little. You may not realize it, but there are always people who are less fortunate than you. You probably don’t know what being poor means until you go visit a third world country.

Be thankful that you are alive. Who knows when our lives are going to end. You must learn how to live life to the fullest. That way you won’t have regrets in the future. Do you really want to live life doing something you don’t want to do? Like a job you hate? I refuse to do that. And I think you do too.

So, the next time you get up in the morning, pray. Then look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are good enough. Do that and make a difference to yourself and in the lives of others 🙂


Much love,


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